An early college high school working in partnership with WSU.

Davis Campus Graduation Details

Date: May 27th




NUAMES virtual graduation ceremony

10 am

Ceremony Link will be posted to, NUAMES Facebook page as well as Instagram

It is our hope that every NUAMES graduate will watch and listen with their family while dressed in their cap and gown


Processional, conferring of diploma & graduate walk

2 pm

WSU Davis parking lot

2750 N University Park BLVD, Layton Utah 84041

Please refer to the attached map & time that correlates with your last name

NUAMES Processional details:

1. Starting time for NUAMES Davis processional drive thru is 2 pm.

2. Please show up during the time slot that has been assigned to the first two letters of your last name. This should keep the lines down, as well as allow each student time to enjoy the moment and pose for pictures:


First 2 Letters of Last Name

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Ab- Ba, Da-De, Ga-Gu, Ke-Le, Pa-Pr, Ta-Tr

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Be-Bi, Di-Ev, Ham-Haw, Li-Ma, Re-Ru, Um-Vi

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Bl-Ch, Fa-Fi, He-Ho, Mc-Me, Sa-Si, Wa-We

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Cl-Cu, Fl-Fo, Hu-Ju, Mi-Os, Sm-St, Wh-Z

3. The graduates are expected to show up fully dressed in their cap, gown, cords, medallions, etc.

4. Please be courteous and patient as you wait so that every NUAMES graduate gets their “moment” to enjoy walking across the stage.

5. The best opportunities for pictures of the graduates will be on passenger side of car. You will have multiple opportunities to take their picture.

6. One car per graduate.

7. At this point in time, only the student will be allowed to exit the car. Parents and family members are asked to stay in their cars.

8. Follow the map (attached to email) for traffic pattern, location of stage and graduate walk. We also ask that you keep the speed limit to a minimum.

9. There will be a great photo and videoing opportunities in front of the stage, during the graduate walk as well as right before the student enters back into the car.

10. Bell photography will also be located at the stage as well as positioned in ‘the graduate walk.’ Those professional photos will be available for purchase through Bell Photography.

11. After the graduate walk, students will return to their vehicles that they came in and directed to alphabetical lines to drop off their gowns and pick up their diplomas and yearbooks (for those students who ordered a yearbook).

12. For those students/families who will not be arriving in a car, please call the main NUAMES office and special arrangements will be made to accommodate that student.

driver instructions:

1. Please keep the speed limit to a minimum

2. The path will be clearly marked. Please view the map above and follow all directions.

3. The driver will not be allowed to get out of the car.

4. The balloon arches will be the location of where the student will exit the car and shortly after the second balloon arch reenter the car. Re-entry will take place at the pick up/drop off zone front of building D2.

5. The car should stay even with the student the length of the graduation walk, for the best videoing and photo opportunities.

student instructions:

1. NUAMES graduates are expected to wear cap, gown, cords, medallions, etc.

2. You are expected be school appropriate and be a dignified example of a NUAMES student.

3. NUAMES seniors will exit the car at the first balloon arch and follow the directed path to the stage. You will return to your vehicle shortly after the second balloon arch.

4. We ask that all NUAMES seniors follow social distancing protocols with NUAMES faculty, staff and other students.

5. Maintain social distancing protocols and stay on the designated waiting spots as you wait for your turn on stage.

6. You will be asked to give your name and your name will be read upon entering the stage.

7. When you receive your diploma cover on stage, we will refrain from giving the traditional handshake.

8. Once you receive your diploma cover, you will be asked to pose for a picture (Bell Photography). Enjoy this moment and soak it up! Please allow your family to take a handful of pictures of you. Look and smile when they ask you to. This is an incredible moment for them as well.

9. As you leave the stage you will begin the ‘graduate walk’ where you will be celebrated by your NUAMES teachers, counselors and early college advisors. This is another moment we want you to relish. Stay even with your family in the vehicle. They will be driving parallel the path. Bell Photography will also be stationed here for another photo of you walking in your regalia carrying your diploma cover.

10. Keep a safe distance from the student in front and behind you during the graduation walk and refrain from fist bumps, high fives, handshakes or side hugs as you walk through the NUAMES faculty and staff line.

11. After the graduate walk, in front of D2, you will be asked to return to your vehicle.

12. Gown return pickup diploma, swag bag, and yearbook (if purchased) will all be located in alphabetical drive-thru lines.

13. Professional graduation pictures will be available for purchase and that information will be made available by Bell Photography.

14. If you have not purchased a yearbook, and you want one as a keepsake you should do so before May 22nd in order to pick up your yearbook w/ diploma. You can order and pay for a yearbook on your DSD portal under optional fees.

15. Last but, not least celebrate and have fun! We are so proud to have been a part of your educational journey for these last three years. You will always have a home at NUAMES and thank you for investing in your education. We have great hope in the future because you will be the ones creating it. The world awaits Nighthawks…. Now go after it and get it!