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School Closure procedure

School Closure Procedure

While we often hear talk of schools being closed because of snow, the reality of the matter is it is very rare that Utah schools have “snow days”. In fact, history shows that school in the area is more often closed for high wind conditions than winter conditions.

 If school is to be closed the decision will be made as early in the morning as possible. Notice will be made through area TV and radio stations, texts to students, emails to parents and posts to the schools official Facebook page.  

Students from NUAMES come from a large geographical area. The snow conditions where you live may be very different from our Layton Campus. If you, as a parent, feel that it is unsafe for your student to travel to school, you may choose to keep them at home. Arrangements would then need to be made with the teacher for makeup work. 

NUAMES is also unique in that we work in close partnership and hold classes in Weber State buildings. If Weber State cancels, we would need to cancel as well. By state law, school days missed must be made up later. 

An alternative to canceling school is a late start. This allows crews more time to clear roads from possible heavy overnight snowfall. If this option was to be called the intent would be to start school at 10:00 a.m. 

 Thanks for your understanding. Bundle up and stay warm.


NUAMES Administration.